Job Description

Our Projects are now used by over 1M users and thousands of institutes. We’re working on the next product step to redefine “core teamwork” and we’re looking for a Senior Product Designer (working remotely) to join our team and help us achieve our ambition

Our Team

You will be part of a team developing an interesting, international app in a friendly workspace. Option for working overseas. We are all enthusiastic developers using cutting edge technologies with great teamwork and communication skills


  • Design innovative ideas that will significantly improve the user experience. A strong contributor to fresh thinking for problem-solving or process improvements.
  • Execute at every stage of the design lifecycle, from ideation to delivery
  • Shared ownership of our Design System (with the product) and UI component library (with engineering)
  • Collaborating with Product to take early-stage explorations through to high-quality prototypes
  • Collaborating with engineers to nail the specifics of production prototypes and coded components
  • Ability to discuss and explain the design process

Job Type

Full Time – Overseas (Optional)


  • Being detail-focused
  • Being product-focused and collaborative
  • Being Design Systems-focused
  • Empathy and ethics
  • Having a strong portfolio
  • 3+ years experience in a product-focused design role
  • Being code-capable
  • Experienced in visual design

Working Time

Sunday till Thursday, 9.00 am to 6.00 pm, with an hour break time available.

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